About Us

Efloristry.com is a master-planned online flower shopping marketplace for businesses, Senders and society. We advocate success and satisfaction in today’s growing industry of e-commerce. This platform will help the small and medium flower shops to participate in the online technology, increase the reach of customers, and maximize sales. 

Efloristry.com aims to improve and develop customer satisfaction, promote convenient flower shopping, offer affordability, and bring large-scale choices of gift products in one place. With all of these at work, road traffic and pollution may lessen leading to social welfare and quality time with loved ones. Our company goes well along with the lifestyle of today and the future. 

Efloristry.com is a platform primed by a technology solutions company, I-Map Web Solutions, Inc., operating in the industry for fifteen years. Such like, we are adept and competent in facing the demands of the global business trend so we can ensure that our website is secured, reliable and easy to navigate. Partnered with thousands of friendly FLORISTs and respectable logistics companies, we guarantee our customers the best, real product and quick delivery service.



To equip MSMEs with the tools they need to be ready for the digital transformation of our new modern world of technology. They're concentrating on keeping track of their customers on the internet.

Assisting store owners in having a visible online presence and the ability to create sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when they are sleeping.

To provide customers with high-quality, low-cost products while also allowing them to buy online at their convenience.

To keep clients informed about the latest e-commerce trends and market evolutions.



To be the Philippines' leading online shopping platform, enabling small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and large corporations to sell their products online successfully and efficiently at any time throughout the year.


 Core Values

MotivationWe keep our employees motivated by getting everybody engaged in the business thru an open communication strategy. We coach for success with respect and kindness.

Growth - We work hard for our common goals to achieve big dreams rapidly.

Honesty - We value honest character as it promotes sincerity, integrity, and loyalty which

                         results in love for self and the company.

IntegrityWe do what is right for the company and for the benefits of our client at all times.


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