Customer Service

Customer Service
 Contact Us
Concerns relating to the products, services, partnership and our system, you may easily reach us through (632) 8854-5337 or email us at   Our Customer Service Officer will attend to you as soon as possible.
 Suggestions / Feedback
Your feedback is important to us. Feel free to send us your thoughts concerning the products and/or our services to improve our business. Send your email to or click here.
 Cancellation of Order
Cancellation of order will not be honored. Upon submitting your order, you have affixed your digital consent and signature which agreed to the Terms and Conditions stipulated thereon. You are still in full compliance to the order you have made.
 Rescheduling of Order
Rescheduling the delivery of your order is not available on our website. You are required to change date of delivery or Pickup must chat with our seller from website. We will check the status of the shipment and we will advise you if changes are still amenable.
 Change Item
Change item is not admissible. We strongly recommend that you review and verify your selections before clicking the Submit button.
 Return Item
Should you find the product to be broken, faulty, incomplete, damaged or product not matching the description provided; you may return the item to us free of charge but you have to send a message and communicate with seller in the website.
If you wish to talk to our Customer Service Officer, please call us at (632) 8854-5337.
  Payment Methods
There are three (3) payment methods available for your order. You may settle it in one of the following payment gateways thru:
Cash-on-Delivery (COD)
Pick Up
Dragon pay

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