Brick-and-Mortar Business to Digital Online Business, Why not Both?

In times like this outbreak, many businesses have had to reduce their hours and workers around the area. Some firms even have to completely shut down in an attempt to prevent the spreading, resulting in massive profits losses in many businesses. Before the COVID outbreak, few store enterprises online had little to no revenue only those who have established websites or in Amazon or Shopify. Many in the small food chain industry have no funds to startup online stores, unlike other brands can. So often there is a store that has potential but does not go online. Before people still prefer to be able to check and choose their items in the traditional manner of visiting the supermarket, but COVID-19 has had massive changes and impact on the way customers purchase essential goods in 2020 up to the recent years. We cannot avoid the changes, eventually; we have to embrace the new modern system or lifestyle of the people because believe it or not many businesses will close down or be left behind and will be eaten by establishing brands or bigger stores.

Many stores and supermarkets are already offering their services online. This new trend surely could last beyond the COVID-19 crisis. You can see that shoppers may continue to buy food online now that they have experienced the hassle-free and convenience of doing so. As a result, brick-and-mortar businesses, who rely significantly on sales and profits, may see a drop in sales and revenues. The store owners will be left with no choice but to either close their business or be open-minded and expand to switch their business to an online store presence.

Switching a brick-and-mortar business to an online one is already a challenge, especially for smaller businesses that sell items such as variety stores because they may not be able to invest as much in their e-commerce and delivery systems, thus resulting in lost profitability. Unlike in the past, only a few people have the opportunity to go online, but after months and months of developers learning about a way to help small businesses, there are already some platforms that could help them manage their online store. This is so they do not have to experience their businesses simply shutting down, selling items in bulk, or their store selling pieces of equipment, and so on to be able to get by or pay for the expenses. We do not want to see that happen, because we want to empower store owners to thrive more and not lose up hope of reaching greater things in life. Tomorrow will arrive, and they may soon be as successful as they should be now.

Mela Philippines was established by I-Map Web Solution to assist small businesses in dealing with the crisis and to provide a system for them to acquire new leads and rapid sales income. They may not view this as a smart investment at first, but after you see what we can provide in terms of a decent deal, convenient ways for you to sell more, and much cheaper costs, you will reconsider using our system to rebuild your online store.

The advantage of having an online presence store is that you can retain customers from your physical store while also expanding your business network beyond your local limits. If you wish to learn more, feel free to visit and partner up at

We are always developing for the purpose of supporting businesses in maintaining and expanding their online networks. It will be our achievement if your company is able to successfully adapt to the digital environment.


Here how we can help you transform your physical store into an online store using our system,

  1. Register as our partner merchant at
  2. Wait for our email or call to ask questions regarding your online store such as the location of your physical store, how long it is established, do you have internet and a computer or tablet?
  3. Afterward, sign in and upload your business documents such as Permit, DTI, and government ID.
  4. Insert your logo and create a short description for your banner.
  5. We will process your (3) three months free subscription. (First 100 merchants)
  6. You can start adding your products; we will send tutorials on how to do so.
  7. You can contact us directly for any of your concerns on our social media and call or email us at
  8. Customer care is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday so we can assist your inquiries if it is beyond office hours we will respond the nextday.

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