Have you heard Mela?

Mela (Sanskrit: मेला) is a Sanskrit word meaning "gathering" or "to meet" or a "fair". It is used in the Indian subcontinent for all sizes gatherings I-Map Web Solution Inc. has created a website called Mela, a platform where build by that meaning. We act as the link between merchants and customers gathering in one place in all the cities or areas by the area of the Philippines.

Consumers all throughout the Philippines can buy food right in their local town online and can provide for their day-to-day needs because they could deliver or pick up your order within the day and there is a lot more Mela could offer.

Because of the current situations and demand as we have constantly been studying data, we discovered a BIG thing there is, a huge need for nationwide unity where city by city, as well as helping out small businesses to participate and succeed together. We have already finished our plans and execution for Mela, and we are now excited to introduce what it is and what it can offer more.

We are targeting store businesses location city by city to reunite in one place online specially in provinces that have limited delivery services but could have pickup options for their store because it's could be a good opportunity to build a strong network around your local cities. It is giving a convenient way for their customer to order online anywhere and decide when to pick up or delivery within a day just like before but a little upgrade. The store will prepare after receiving the orders so customers can pick them up and go to the store or at their doorstep. No more searching through the stores when you can search it through your mobile app, no more long lines with just a few taps, very simple easy to use and give convenience for both the merchant and customers.


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