The Benefit of Selling Online and Offline Store

Whichever you choose and think is more suitable for your store is up to you but, having to sell both online and offline is great as you could get to earn from both worlds. Pandemics have been changing the way people shop for their necessities. Many have shut down their store and sell online. By all means, not all the stores shut down, some are surviving even using the traditional way of selling. Those few stores have already build a good engagement and good place to earn so that store usually they don't need to go online because they are already stable.

Anyway let's start with the benefit of selling offline like the traditional way, As you know before pandemics pose a significantly life-changing to many people, we used to earn a lot. Just by renting at public markets or even inputting a store in front of our house selling basic necessity products for the people, we get to earn.

Here are some of the reasons why it is beneficial to have your physical store.

1. Most of the people are the type of people that "to see is to believe".

- The very reason why many still prefer to sell in the traditional way with the physical store as people moreover are very meticulous. When it comes to the food and essential needs of the family. Customers tend to buy in the store they can visit and are usually trusted in the same community or neighborhood. Only so, it would not be a hassle as going back and forth to buy the necessities for their house.

2. Some people are conscious of spending so they prefer to pay in cash.

- People are not all techy, although it is very easy to use an online e-wallet yet many still prefer to buy products in cash, even people who buy online usually select a COD or a COP payment. They are conscious of spending money they do not have a hold on because they are not used to paperless transactions.

3. Some old people like interaction so they like going outside from time to time.

- People especially those in a rural area they are not much adapted to the changes that the pandemic brought upon. Many old people still love to interact with one another in their neighborhood and the best way to do, which is by going outside and buy essential needs from time to time.

4. Your store can build a stable brand in the area you choose to put your businesses.

- If you think that having a sari-sari store, minimart, or grocery store itself can be valued more than having an online presence then you should go for it. Usually, in regions or provinces location, only a few people open up a store, so some go the extra miles outside their community. By having a store near the location of possible customers, you can build a brand, communication, and trust from your consumer.

Although renting is a bit expensive for a physical store, you can always take it as your investment. As time goes by your store can be people's place to buy groceries or necessities.

Online store, maybe a bit complex to others but if you get a hold of it, surely you will succeed. Having an online presence means, you are ready to expand your reach to either other brgy or cities to supply daily necessities or commodities. Just like in having a physical store you also, have to make an effort in making a stable online presence. It is hard to imagine things you need to have such as funds and knowledge if you are just starting. We are now in the modern era where everything we use is advance or technology. Every day inventories create a technology that helps people make things more simple and easy to use; like hacks that even an average person can learn because they design it simpler.

Originally, creating an E-commerce requires money, resources, knowledge, and effort to understand the system. Although establishing your own online store is expensive, the majority of customers are online; therefore, there is no better way to reach out to them than by being online as well.

Many developers have already established marketplaces around the world like Amazon, E-bay, Shopee, Lazada, FB Marketplace, etc. but each one of them is designed differently from B2B, B2C, and C2C, where most of it is costly since they are an international marketplace. Well did you know that there is a good method to create an online store in the Philippines without spending a lot of money or needing a lot of knowledge in technicalities? Believe it or not, there is, I-map Web Solution Inc., seen there are online marketplace platforms but nothing is designed for only essential needs or goods like a pharmacy, or grocery marketplace that are designed for B2B or B2C businesses. Having this kind of marketplace that has filtered area by area, we could have a good marketplace nationwide. Here are some benefits of having an online store in Mela Philippine Grocery Marketplace


  1. People are always online

- Even long before pandemic people are usually online, you can upgrade your store and reach your consumers in their social media accounts such as Facebook , youtube, or Instagram. Average of Filipino spend over 8 to 10 hours browsing the internet and entertaining themselves online and some use the internet to find things they wanna buy.

2. People now are used to buying products online

- Since the growth of Lazada marketplace and Shopee, the majority of consumers are buying online because they have found an established market to buy items. The issue is that because it is not a local market brand, it typically takes some time to arrive. Because such marketplaces are worldwide and some other nations sell inside our boundaries, shipments are frequently overlooked or delivered late. So people generally seek on social media for stuff they need that is nearby to their area. Although it is challenging because Facebook cannot receive orders but really only messages, it is inconvenient to wait for a response from a Facebook page sometimes asking about prices, products availability, and what type of payment is acceptable, so better find a good platform to invest in making a faster way transaction for your customers.

3. There are busy people who do not have the energy to shop outside.

- Some people, such as a working mom or dad, like to rest after a long week of work and usually make purchases online. Many consumers are now shifting to a more comfortable and easy method of ordering because they don't have to walk outside most of the time because someone will be assigned to deliver the items directly through front door.

4. There are OFW instead of buying abroad and sending here in the Philippines.

- It takes a long time for the OFW family to receive their packages. They frequently seek an online grocery store to meet their family's necessities. It's hardly surprising that people use this approach to send gifts to their loved ones. Sending a package from one nation to another takes months before it is received by the family; this is the quickest option to send goods they needed. OFWs could be your customers.

5. Some like to order online and pick up later as they do not need to fall in line.

- Not everyone who looks online will buy straight away online; sometimes they use the internet to find things they need, and if the store is nearby to their home or work, they will occasionally visit there before intending to place an order online. This is a test to determine if the business produces a high-quality product that they would order online because it is classified as a trusted brand.

6. You can track your inventories and sales accurately.

- Having your own internet store allows you to keep track of inventory and sales. You may also obtain a quick return on investment (ROI) when you embrace technology because you know it will be put to good use in the long run, as people are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier, particularly when buying online.7. Seamless transactions.

- Some individuals like the experience of seamless gateway transactions, in which consumers pay directly on your site without being sent to a third-party website. The transaction is smooth and occurs in real-time, and your consumer received appropriate feedback indicating that the payment was completed and received within a minute.8. Some people are health conscious so they like to be less in contact with people.


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